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God’s Plan

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Which God?

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Is there a God?

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Now Available on Kindle – Baby Boomers Guide: Finding God! – Kindle edition by Steven L Testerman. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

  Baby Boomers Guide: Finding God! - Kindle edition by Steven L Testerman. Religion & … [Read more...]

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God’s Not Dead – Mike Robinson

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Do you remember – Hair?

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Baby Boomers Guide: Reading List

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The Woodstock Generation

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Americans are deeply religious, so will we ever see an atheist president? Here’s what we know. - The … [Read more...]

What about the Bible?

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The Who of Existence

The belief that there is a "Who" in the Universe requires that you believe in a Higher Power.   We … [Read more...]

Who Created Existence?

A Higher Power First of all to ask - "Who" - is to ask - was it a HUMAN PERSON involved in the … [Read more...]


What, Where, When, How Who and Why Existence is not only our own observable Universe, but what is … [Read more...]

Why Believe in God?

Why you should believe in God is illustrated through logic. I find it remarkable that it took so … [Read more...]

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