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Here is how I earned my  Baby Boomers badge:

Steven L. Testerman

I am an author and curator of content here at Baby Boomers Guide.

Born: Carthage, Missouri – 1948
Currently: Living in the Atlanta suburb of Cumming, Georgia


Parkview High School
Class of 1966
Springfield, Missouri

Missouri State University
Class of 1971
B.S. Economics
Kappa Alpha Order
Springfield, Missouri


USMCR – Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego – August, 1969
2nd Lieutenant – U.S. Army Reserve – 1974


  • Artist | Author | Business Owner/ CEO | Entrepreneur
  • Financial Services | Technology

Other Stuff:

  • Christian
    • Adult Sunday School Teacher
    • Children’s Ministry
    • Foreign Missions  – Thailand
  • Father and Grandfather
  • Scout Leader and Eagle Scout
  • Student of History and Science

Bullet points don’t tell the story though!

I’m just a regular guy – not a preacher or a scientist – with a hope to bring some understanding to Baby Boomers who are still questioning the very existence of God.

I want to present to you some of the most current thinking from a variety of sources including leaders in the scientific, secular and religious communities and share some of my own thoughts too.

This case for God is intended to be:

  • Easy-to-follow and Logical
    • Let’s face it – we have the attention span of a gnat!
      • Bullet-points help you understand content more quickly.
      • No extensive quoting of scripture
        • search for references on your own.
  • Modern
    • Science and technology have challenged our previous concepts of God
      • We will explore today’s thoughts in the “War between Science and Religion”
      • Hawking, Tyson, Maher and others challenge the existence of God.
        • Have they proven it?
        • Read on to find out the strait scoop.

My own philosophy is that of a Christian, but I won’t promote any certain denomination of the Faith.

  • I believe that Christians should squabble less over minutia and ritual.
  • And more about sharing our Faith with the world.

My own path to Christianity wasn’t an easy one – full of Baby Boomer hills and valleys – but I’m still here today after all these years wanting to share what little I have learned these past 50-years or so.

I will try my best to present a rational case supporting the existence of God.

Draw your own conclusions.

Regardless of what you decide …



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