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One result of our new found rural life was a new intensity in our quest for deer. What had started some years ago with the “First Deer Hunt”, had evolved into a … well… obsession with archery and bowhunting.

It was a natural enough transition to archery and traditional archery there in Athens at that time.  A man named Dan Quillian had a shop and shooting range there and with one visit our hunting lives moved in a new direction. Quillian was a nationally known bow hunting figure, especially in traditional bowhunting circles. He advocated hunting with longbows and recurves mostly with wooden arrows. Soon our back deck was filled with the paraphernalia associated with arrow making; dip tubes for polyurethane coating, feather fletching devices and knock/tip trimmers. The dipped shafts were hung around the periphery of the covered back porch to dry and then tipped with the broadhead du jour.

We set up a 3D shooting range on our place and we had hours of fun setting up the range and shooting thousand of arrows at rubber deer!

Below is our VERY long archery video, was directed toward my brother Mike and his kids; Adam, Ashley and Eric. This was a way to encourage them to adopt archery, I suppose, and a way to use my new video camera.

So here it is in it’s unedited version, for the 1990’s Testerman Family Archery Enthusiast to view! Enjoy!

To be continued…

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