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Question: God kicked Lucifer from heaven, because God did not want Lucifer in heaven, well guess what, we don’t want Lucifer here either, but we can’t kick him out, we have to put up with him, making Gods perfect creation a very difficult place to live . So why is that ?

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That is a good question! An age-old question in fact.
I can only believe that the answer lies in the nature of our souls that separates us from animals.  Animals do not sin and you can say that they are not under the influence of Evil or Lucifer if you will.  Mankind is precious and rare in the world and perhaps universe in that regard.
God could have made us like animals or robots who obey His every command … but He was looking (I think) for those beings who are capable of love by choice.
Why?  I don’t know why.
So we have a choice to accept good or accept evil.  The fact that there is an irresistible force of evil in the world makes it impossible for us to live a totally pure life.  The good news is that He provided a way for us to be delivered from that – not by following rules, but though Love itself.  A very elegant solution in my opinion!
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