Which God?

Which God is the Higher Power?

There are those who believe in gods – but I would submit to you that there is one God.

  • If there is a God, He would have tried to communicate with us, otherwise:
  • Why would He have gone to all the trouble?
    • without telling us who He is
    • what He wants with us!
  • We believe that the Bible

The God that is described in this Bible is:

  • God IS:
    • The God of Abraham
    • Unlimited Spirit, Force and Energy
    • Pervasive throughout Existence.
    • Too vast for human comprehension.
      • He would span the 93 billion light years of our observable universe and beyond.Hubble-Views-the-Horsehead-Nebula
  • God IS Not:

    • Not a person.
    • Not a man or a woman.
    • Not Bound by the physical limitations of human beings
    • Not Bound by any limits of space, nature or time.

Not an “Old Man in White Robes in the Clouds”


To believe that there is God, requires recognition of a Force in Existence that is:

  • Infinite and Eternal
  • Intelligent
  • In control of the physical and Spiritual.
  • Good and Fair

He would have caused to be created:

  • Our Universe – Existence – Everything
  • Earth
  • Life

A starting point on the path to Believing in God – requires that you accept God by what is called Faith.

We have already discussed why you should “endeavor to convince” yourself and have Faith that God does exist in a discussion of Pasqual’s Wager.

Believers think that:

  • God provides a way for people to live a happy, joyful and hopeful life.
  • Eventually, we escape the bounds of a physical life for a spiritual existence.
    • Whether our Spiritual Existence is good or bad – is up to us.

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