Is there a God?


Here’s the straight scoop.

  • No one knows whether there is a God or not.
    • It cannot be scientifically proven, one way or the other.
      • Some believe there is a God
      • Others believe there is not a God
      • Many have no opinion.
  •  Those that BELIEVE in God strive to believe in Him 100%.
  • They have Faith that God exists.
    • Nobody is Perfect – that is why we need God.
      • Believers often fall short of 100% Faith.
      • How do we know that?
        • Because with 100% Faith we should be able to move mountains!

But who has moved a mountain lately?


What we are saying is …
Don’t think that you must have 100% perfect
Faith before you can strive for a relationship with Him.

Moving mountains is not a requirement!

  • God wants you to give Him the benefit of the doubt!
  • God may be different than you think!

Maybe some of the Boomers reading this still think that God is:

  •  “Old Man in White Robes”
  • “Myth”
  • “The way Ignorant People explain what they don’t know”

If you believe that God COULD exist then you are part way there!

Can you keep an open mind?

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