What if Someone says, “I don’t believe those Old Testament stories”?


As for an Adam and Eve –

Here is a scientific answer:

There was most certainly a line of demarcation between early ape-like hominids and the first humans – the Bible tells a story of this in a manner that has been understood, and misunderstood, though out history.  Undoubtedly at point in time homo-sapiens crossed a mental or spiritual line, when they became self-aware and aware of their mortality.


Adam and Eve

When the moment of awareness of God happened:

  • Mankind came into being through possession of a soul.
    • We think of God as having breathed spiritual life and a soul into mankind
    • This would be the first real Man and we could call him Adam.

“What about Noah and Jonah and all the rest?”

  • We could ask the question about other stories in the Old Testament
    • is this meant to be Spiritual or Literal?
    • If Spiritual
      • Answering how or when or where or what He used to do it is not important.
      • Who and Why is a better focus!
  • Whether you want to believe a literal translation of this or other Old Testament Biblical story or not
    • It is up to you
      • It is not a prerequisite for having a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
      • So why would Christians want to impose a literal belief on others?
        • We should not miss telling the world about the basic principles of Christianity.

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