Do you remember – Hair?

Do you remember “Hair-the American Tribal Love-Rock Musical”?

Do you remember when you had hair?

If so, then maybe you remember this old commercial from the ’80’s with a young Heather Locklear:

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 Do you know any Lost Boomers?

Chances are you do!

There are a lot of them – nearly half of “The Woodstock Generation” has rejected “Religion” or the notion of God!

I hope you will read Baby Boomers Guide: Finding God! for yourself and then feel free to share this special version of our book with a ‘Lost or Searching Boomer’ in your life!” – Steven L. Testerman


Baby Boomers Guide: Finding God!

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If you know a Boomer who never came home from Woodstock – then please send them a copy of this book!

  • There are those who think that “Religion’ is a bad thing – this Baby Boomers Guide will try to offer up some ideas for their Spiritual contemplation.
  • I want to share with you what I hope is a logical and plausible case for the existence of God – that can stand up to whatever the Scientists are saying today.
  • These days there are people who want to say that God did not have to exist, or that there was no time for God to have been created.
  • Others think the idea of God is so ridiculous that they make a movie about it!

I hope to show you why these things are not necessarily true!

Boomers can pose some really hard questions and it is really hard to pull the wool over most Baby Boomer’s eyes – it seems like we have seen it all!

  • We have been witness to some pretty remarkable things in our life!
  • We questioned authority
  • We trusted no one over 30!
  • Wewere and still are … unique
    • Sometimes this was good
    • Sometimes this didn’t work out too well!


Times were changing and it was like no other time since.

We got to see it all in color!

Those were good times and now is a good time for The Woodstock Generation to Make Peace with our Creator!

If you want to learn more please take the time to read the Baby Boomers Guide: Finding God! and get a Boomers view on what to believe and why.





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