Are Science & Religion at War? – Video Interview Series – Closer To Truth

This 6-part Video Series features some of the most notable figures in the debate “Are Science & Religion at War?” Interviewees include; Quentin P. Smith, William A. Dembski, Leonard Susskind, Saul Perlmutter, Denis Alexander and Alan I. Lesher.

The Denis Alexander interview is one to watch to hear a Pro-religion perspective.

In the first video, a self-described scientist/philosopher, Quentin P. Smith, Professor of Philosophy at Western Michigan University claims that God is inconsistent with Science and that “that there is no such thing as a mind without a brain or body”.

What do you think?

From Closer To Truth –

What is it about science and theology that grips people so emotionally, as during a war, such that each is committed to his or her viewpoint (which often are sharply opposed to one another)? Each is fighting for its predominance, if not for its life: religion from being marginalized, science from being politically contained.”





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