What about the Bible?


Here is something that we hear quite often:

The Bible is wrong, because I found a verse (or more) that I don’t believe, therefore the whole thing is bogus.”

Invalidating the whole book because there is something that you don’t believe or can’t understand is like throwing out the baby with the bathwater. 


God used human beings to write what would later become books of the Bible.  The books were written for the people of that time, yet they are still amazingly relevant today.

Is there any other book that has withstood the four-thousand year test of time?

Reading the Bible

The Bible is a very rich and complex document :

  • It is not easy to read.
  • It has layer upon layer of meaning in its pages
  • People who try to pick up the Bible to read it – often get stuck somewhere in Leviticus!


Try This

Some Christians think a better way to read the Bible is to read it in this order:

  • Genesis and Exodus for the history and stories of man’s earliest encounters with God.
  • The Gospels of  Luke and John
  • Acts and Romans.
  • Then read other parts as you are led.

The Bible is to be interpreted by the reader (Christians believe with the help of God’s Spirit) – it can be taken:

  • Literally and Spiritually
  • Spiritually only

There are many versions of the Bible – you might want to try:

My personal experience is:

  • I have read the Bible in its entirety once as a skeptic
  • subsequently as a believer.
  • I am not a Biblical expert but I do know that each time I read parts of the Bible
    • I uncovered new thoughts, ideas and insights
  • The key is to read that Bible as someone who is searching for the Truth and not as one who is searching for faults.
  • We know that the authors of the Bible were imperfect humans.

The bottom line is that there is Truth in those pages.

The Bible delivers the Truths that God intends for us to hear.”


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